Thursday, 23 February 2012

More News Of Vinnie

As you know Vinnie is going to be working as a Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympic Games with Auntie Jan, however as security is of the utmost he has to be very careful about any of the information he is allowed to divulge and what pictures he is allowed to share, so naturally, for this update we have to abide by the rules of the Games Makers too.
St Pancras
Let us just say that he has begun his robust Olympiad training …. going down to London and the Olympic Park to acclimatize and have a mooch around.
He said that a lovely lady called Dawn had given him a badge that said  '200 days to go' to wear dated 11.2.2012  which he said that he would treasure for ever and ever and ever!
As Darrell was hanging on Vinnie’s every word and snippet of information I could see that he was musing ….. and having deep thoughts (for Darrell) of a very meaningful nature …..
“You know what Vinnie, if you were a food I’d describe you as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by apple pie and custard ……. because you are traditional good honest fayre through and through!!!!” and then followed that thought by  “ ...... and if you were a  smell you would reek of Team Spirit!”
Oh Darrell, what is he like? But I know it was just his way of showing Vinnie how immensely proud we are of him and of what he has and will achieve in the coming months.  Goooooooo Vinnie, Gooooooo Vinnie, Goooooooo Vinnie! 
Heaven help us if Darrell starts to liken Vinnie to a musical instrument or piece of foliage etc. the possibilities and reasoning's could be positively endless!


marc said...

Well done Vinny hyou could be a oak tree strong and reliable and associated with being British and if hyou were a instrument may be a harp as you are angelic with all your good works and you would have a calming influence on peps what ever you do or our Vinnyis we are just proud of you and of all the hard work you do big love Marc and Hugh

Mr. D said...

If he were music he could be "Jerusalem," "Land of Hope and Glory" or part of Elgar's "Enigma Variations." Darrell can be a bit of an enigma too.
Vinnie the Moocher?
Well done!
He is an example to us all.
Time for some mooching, sorry I mean time for some work.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie looks so very impressive and very much at home in an Olympic setting. An example to us all as someone who is responsible and reliable. He brings to mind an American cheerleading chant from my long ago high school days: "Vinnie Vinnie, he's our man!! If he can't do it, no one can!!!" Exciting times ahead...Best of luck to Vinnie and Aunty Jan...Dianne