Thursday, 9 February 2012

Darrell’s Lunch Box

We’ve had a couple of questions lately from curious ladies (mostly) concerning matters of  a Darrell’s lunch box type nature …..
…. questions like how big it is and what effort he puts into it on a daily basis … so we thought we would take the opportunity today of laying bare Darrell’s lunch box for public consumption so to speak and put paid to all the conjecture concerning it!!!
So … today, Darrell will be taking to work:- two plums and a few carrots sticks, a Marmite and Dairy Lea Triangle bap, a Kit Kat and bag of Eric and His Friends mini chocolate biscuits which Sandra gave us for Christmas and an own brand peach yoghurt.  He doesn’t take a drink as he prefers to fill his bottle with “ambient” water from the machine when he gets into work and then indulges in a cappuccino from the canteen during morning break. 
Dairy lea Triangle
Darrell prefers to graze from his lunch box during the day, thus ….. he will have his plums as soon he gets into work, followed by the mini biscuits at break time, at lunch he will consume his bap and dip his Kit Kat in his yoghurt for pudding (which I think is a disgusting habit) and finally he will have a mid afternoon snackette of carrot sticks to “keep his pecker up” when he is flagging!
Kit Kat
What is he like??
Eric and Friends mini chocolate biscuits


Mr. D said...

Using words like lunchbox, plums, pecker turns me all "Carry On" and has me giggling like a naughty schoolboy.
"Questions lately from curious ladies (mostly.)" Mostly ladies, mostly curious?

Anonymous said...

'snackette' - like it - might have to sneak it into my volcabulary. A finer lunch box I have yet to see!

marc said...

there was far to much carry on for me to comment today it would have all got out of hand lol but i am hoping that the ladies who lunch don't get their hands on his lunch box those plums could be bruised with all that unwanted handling of them but who could resist them big of to the green room for brunch love Hugh

Anonymous said...

Delicious and nutritious.... can't beat that......Happy lunchtime and snackette ..Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS Being like Eliza, "A good girl I am", I chose my words carefully.....laughing quietly...Dianne