Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Concert

We LOVE The Queen!The Diamond Jubilee Concert
……… and hope to take part in her Diamond Jubilee in some small way (we are already planning on sending her a card).
So as soon as Darrell saw about the ballot for tickets for the Diamond Jubilee Concert on The One Show with Gary Barlow, he was like a ferret up a drainpipe to get on to the website to put in our application, in fact the site crashed!
Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert 2012
It is almost too exciting to bear. It will take quite a few weeks before we hear if we are successful, but if we are it will be the most WONDEROUS occasion of our lives! If we are so lucky as to be bestowed a pair of royal tickets we would embrace the whole day for all it is worth, in fact we would squeeze it dry!
Buckingham palace Concert Application Form
To think that we could be granted the honour of being able to take a wander round Her Majesty's herbaceous borders in her palace grounds and then partake in a “Royal” picnic as a pre-concert pre-amble, before finally taking our seats for the concert, resplendent in our very best, fit for royalty type, apparel, glowsticks akimbo ..... swaying to the likes of Sir Tom Jones ..... and hoping against hope that they announce Kylie as a surprise guest star! Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert
Our fingers, and toes are so tightly crossed they may become permanently locked as the ballot isn't made until 2nd March .... and we have also added a little extra bit in our prayers at night which we hope God won’t mind.


Mr. D said...

Good luck in the ballot.
You love Her Madge the Queen - maybe she loves you too. Maybe she follows Mum's Monkey and blogs in a false name. Mmm?
Check if she uses words like mahooosive and nomtastic in her speeches to find out if this is true.

Anonymous said...

Most historical event the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The concert and picnic sound like an unforgettable, once in a lifetime event! Hope your prayers come true. Pulling for you Darrell to have those tickets in hand. Good Luck Wishes....Dianne

Pamela said...

I've entered the draw too - who knows we could be sat next to each other!

marc said...

i walk my dogs up by buck house hoping to see Liz out with her pack of dogs and Popper scooper but no luck( the police man said the dogs were not allowed out in the park in case some one dog napped them ) but Liz did nearly run me and the dogs over once on the golden mile in Windsor she was driving her self back( from the polo match in the park ) in a range rover which she often does she could hardly see above the steering wheel, we did not hear her coming and no one drives down there except the game wardens so we were shocked when she honked her horn behind us i nearly shouted something rude at her but i realized who it was and moved out the way ( i expect she gets feed up with peps walking up her garden path and just wanted to get home for a cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit) but she did wave when we moved out the way and passed us by which was very polite of her unlike her sister princess Margaret who once shock my hand and then asked if i was clean but that another story lol big love Marc

Mr. D said...

Marc - Hobnobbing or Rich Tea biscuiting with the gentry?