Monday, 27 February 2012

Some Me Time - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Andy has been collecting a lot tokens from the Esso garage lately for free cinema tickets and asked me if there was a film I would like to go and see, so I perused the local paper and said that I quite fancied The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as I very much admired Dame Judi Dench and Bill Nighy and that it looked like a gentle comedy for a Sunday afternoon.
Showcase cinema
With that Andy presented me with my free ticket, dropped me off at the Showcase Cinema and told me to enjoy some “Me Time” and that he’d see me when it finished….
The Best Exotic marigold Hotel
I had got there in plenty of time and availed myself of a latte ….. but bypassed the popcorn and pick n’mix ….. and tried to look inauspicious unsuspicious …..
Cinema Coffee
…… because secreted upon my person I had a big bag of Butterkist. Please don’t dob me in …. I am trying to save my money for some special things …Smuggling in my own popcorn in cinema
The film was most excellent, I laughed aloud and it made me feel all fuzzy inside in a mature sort of way….
Pearl and Dean
But, I would pay extra, even with a free ticket, if they would do away with the Pearl and Dean ads and trailers …… although, saying that, The Muppets also looks like an excellent film, very suitable for Darrell and Nigel


Mr.D said...

Mrs. D and I like going to the pictures too. I especially like the sound quality in the cinema. I use the IMDB website as well.
I love Butterkist but never considered it to be spooky. My mum used to buy me a big packet on my birthday.
You can make your own and a caramel coating using sugar and butter - nomtastic.

marc said...

its nomtastic and it is a great film to i have no problem taking your own sweets to a film they charge so much i feel like i have been mugged when i buy something big love marc

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful gesture by Andy! Perfect movie choice and perfect Butterkist treat; sounds like special day all round!.....Dianne