Monday, 20 February 2012

Choose A Chunky Champion …..

We would very much like to make an highly informed decision before we finally choose our KitKat Chunky Champion through a full and robust sampling process of all four new chunky bars BUT…..
KitKat Chunky 1
…. though we have obtained the orange and double choc varieties, the peanut butter and the white chocolate ones remain very much an enigma to us.  We have even sent Auntie Jan on a mission to find them for us …. and even she can’t find them. We only have till the 24th February to vote, quelle dommage, we may have to withhold our vote!


Athyn said...

Just vote peanut butter. ;)The others are all close to stuff already on sale ..

Mr. D said...

Double chocolate looks like the best for me, not that I have tried any of them here in Abu Dhabi.

marc said...

they are hard to find but i would go peanut butter to big love marc

sue said...

Peanut butter first, white choc second!

Bee and Dee said...

We can't find any of the new flavours here and it's lent tomorrow so the chocolate goes until Easter and crisps for my daughter as well. You will have to describe the taste really well so we can imagine them.

Hugs to you super monkeys

Mr. D said...

"Super monkeys."
Great name!