Saturday, 18 February 2012

Half Price Confectionary Akimbo!

shopping in Tesco
Darrell prides himself on his keen sense for a bargain, though this sense doesn’t seem apply itself to staples of a basic food type nature, only confectionary!
confectionary bargains  in Tesco
However, it was hard to put down his buoyant mood when he saw that a huge variety of family pouches of said confectionary are currently half price in Tesco,  plus Frosties, which, to be honest, are not usually part of our breakfast repast.
But, it looks suspiciously like someone has already beaten him to availing themselves of the cut price Maltesers ……!!!!


Mr. D said...

Half price sweets?
One simply spends the same and eats twice as much?
Perhaps, seeing as they are a bargain, one buys double the normal amount but simply eats them all in the usual time scale.

marc said...

i am off to tesco to fill my trolly with so said sweets big fat love marc

lynne said...

Oh Darrell only £1 in Asda this morning... didn't buy any, can't stand them!

Anonymous said...

What luck...Who could possibly resist??!...But you do have to be careful not to over indulge...Dianne