Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Crafting For Christmas in Movember

With Christmas just around the corner,  I thought I would take myself off and do a little festive crafting, to wit cracker making, after I heard that the world famous Kirsty Wiseman was doing a “demo” at our local craft shop Domino Crafts. I have seen Kirsty so many times on the tele that it was like “crafting with the stars” for me, and I have to admit I was a little star struck.
042 Kirsty Wiseman and Me
So mahosssiveely star struck was I,  that I was too embarrassed to ask if I could have my photograph taken with her …… what am I like?
Kirsty Wiseman Craft WorkshopI found that I had to robustly concentrate, as I am not a natural crafter, and my lack of dexterous fingers for the fiddly bits tends to put me at a slight disadvantage ….  Careful Crafting…… but Kirsty was a most generous and patient teacher and did not move on until I had managed to complete any stage that I found a little taxing, especially when I had to use a pokey tool.
making a CrackerI am embarrassed to say that I did get a bit crossed eyed (never a good look) when it came to tying the ends of my cracker, but I am nothing but tenacious and finally got there, and blushed a little when Kirsty praised the neatness and evenness of my bows……
Master of the Glue Gun…… and said that as a glue gun novice I had a natural affinity and flair when it came to making “faux” pearls and embellishments! Kirsty Wiseman Christmas Cracker WorkshopAnd my finished effort, my first ever cracker ???????
How proud am IWell, I felt mahoooooosively proud! …… I am not sure that I feel confident enough in my new found skills to go into mass cracker production for our festive festivities at Castle Greysquirrell this year ….. but, I think I will carefully undo one of the ends and put two small trinkets in for Darrell and Nigel so that they can pull it together on Christmas morning. I can’t thank Kirsty enough ….. I still can’t believe I have actually crafted with a proper TV star …. and made something that was recognisable!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope it goes off with a big bang! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Cor blimey!
What a cracker!
Darrell's handicraft or Crafty Kirsty Wiseman?
Kirsty is world famous in Wolverhampton, and beyond.

Mr.D said...

Monkey, not Darrell.

Anonymous said...

Very elegant cracker! Would beautifully grace any festive Christmas table.....Monkey, so impressive; you do have untapped craft/design talent.... all that fun and meeting a TV star!......Dianne

marc said...

your a crafty little monkey hiding your light well done you mr d had done all the cracker jokes and good they were to big love marc