Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Hugh Introduces Darrell To Finer Things ….

Hugh, apart from being a wonderful host,  is also a most excellent and accomplished cook…..
Hugh's stew….. and whenever Darrell visits, they dine like kings…. “Cooking for you is such a pleasure mon ami” Hugh would say “You nom in zee most delightful and satisfying way!”
Tasting Hugh's stewDarrell confessed that at times he had sorely been tempted to lick his plate, he had so robustly enjoyed his meal,  but if I had found out that he had, he knew he would have been in a state of absolute disgrace, with the words “You DON’T lick your plate in company and especially NOT in Notting Hill” ringing in his ears!
087“Tonight, I have zee most magnificent treat for you Darrell …….” Hugh announced with a flounce and a flourish ….
escargot…… “Escargots!”. Now Darrell’s French is almost non existent other than the odd “bonjour” and “oiu” so rather than look totally non de rigueur he simply replied “Nom, nom, nom!” and made out that he knew exactly what escargots were. 
Escargot Notting HillHe studied the packaging carefully and thought that the seashell on the label might be a clue ….. and presumed they were some sort of pudding …… a posh cooked chocolate seashell with a creamy filling a bit like the chocolate seashells we’ve had at Castle Greysquirrel when we are being decadent while watching X Factor!
Hugh's pots and pansHugh set to work ….. pots and pans flying everywhere in a most impressive and expert fashion, while Darrell watched ….. thinking that the escargots didn’t really smell very chocolaty as they were cooking!
Hugh of Notting Hill And then Hugh got the plates …. time to dish up …. (after warming them first,  naturellement)
Notting Hill KitchenAnd Darrell’s verdict? ……Well, in the end it became obvious to Hugh that Darrell had been incredibly polite but didn’t actually have a clue what he was eating ….. especially when he tried to eat the shell, saying that French chocolate shells were a lot more crunchy than the ones we had had at home and the filling a lot more savoury and chewy!
“Oh mon ami, you are soooooo, how you say, Funny! Zeese are not zee chocolates, zeese are zee snails! ….. What are you like?  I think you tease me, no?”
Darrell gave Hugh one of his most devastating smiles (despite being slightly mortified by what he just eaten) ….. and then picked up his plate and licked it vigorously …… “Nom, nom, nom!” he said, followed by a very small burp!  How could I be cross with him!


Mr.D said...

Hugh comes across all French in the blog but all English when he leaves a comment. Is it his latest luvvie actor affectation?
I wonder what affectation Darrell will learn from London Lounging in Notting Hill.
How will the good (and not so good) people of Wolverhampton and its environs take to any new style?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I suspect Darrell will be learning how to politely tell the truth when asked about food and specifically learn how VERY politely to decline on occasion......wonderful true gentleman politeness on his part....Dianne......PS Hugh is looking very continental these days!

Di said...

Oh my, the sophistication! Just wait until Darrell is presented with some little Kermit legs in garlicky sauce :)

Hugs, Di xx

marc said...

O MR D my Darling Darling BOY how wonderful that you noticed i am practising my MIXED frenchbroken English as i up for the part of the bad French speaking English spy in the musical remake of that wonderful show allo allo but i am not sure if i want the part as between you and me they are looking for a new Luke Skywalker to be in the new star war movie they are having open castings in london so will go along and show them my best light sober fighting Big show biz wave Hugh Darrell done so well with the snails in garlic ones he learnt how to hook them out and he quite liked the horse steaks cooked in red wine serven on a bed of rice and the less said about the veggie dal and veggie chilly the better but lets say we did so giggle like naughty school boys and blamed it on the dogs

Mr.D said...

I am sure you will be ale to pull off both 'Allo 'Allo and Luke Skywalker. I'm sure you could e the next James Bond too.