Monday, 4 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Darrell Loiters In Portobello Road

While Hugh was out doing things of a showbiz  feather boa type nature Darrell decided to take himself off down Portobello Road to drink in and embrace his beloved London atmosphere ……
Mews off Portobello Road…… imagining what it would be like to live in a romantic mews and bumping into your showbiz neighbours like Mackenzie Crook, who Darrell had spotted going about his every day life undisturbed by adoring fans …..
mums ….. though Darrell had been sorely tempted to ask for his autograph, Pirates of the Caribbean being one of his and Nigel’s most favourite pirate films.  
Thorpe Close W10“The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea” has such an enviable and salubrious ring to it” sighed Darrell “Something sadly that Castle Greysquirrel, Near Wolverhampton does not!”
Notting HillNotting Hill Graffiti

And the graffiti street art outside our Tesco Express just doesn’t compare either …..
Art work Portobello Road013
…… even going under bridges just isn’t the same as at home!
Portobello Road Bridge……. “Perhaps one day, a bijou Pied a Terre in Notting Hill will be within our dreams” Darrell sighed to himself “….if only I could just get discovered!”
Photo shoot Portobello RoadAnd then, as if spookily on cue, Darrell noticed a fashion shoot going on outside a bar ….. “Oh Mon Dieu” he cried “This could be my big break”
Portobello Road photo shoot.….. and he proceeded to walk past the group, as many times as he could with his best nonchalant type model swagger hoping that the photographer would take his eye of the model, who Darrell didn’t rate that much, for just a second and suddenly drop everything, having spotted “the next big thing”!!!! What is he like?
Portobello Road photo shootUnfortunately,  Darrell’s subtle star struck saunter went unnoticed, he did wonder if it was his Movember moustache hiding his ruggedly handsome features and peachy complexion that may have rendered him not as photogenic as usual ….. but anyway,  it was their loss!
042Another opportunity would almost certainly present itself on another day, Darrell’s big break just wasn’t meant to be today!


Mr.D said...

Maybe it was the wrong type of moustache for the photographer. Perhaps it would be better with one one like Captain Hook, Charlie Chaplin, Borat, Burt Reynolds, Ned Flanders, Errol Flynn, Freddie Mercury, Hulk Hogan, Otto Von Bismarck, Super Mario, Salvador Dali or the Swedish Chef from The Muppets.

I suspect the Hitler look wouldn't go down well.

P.S. I never met anyone named Borat in Kazakhstan.

Anonymous said...

A day strolling around London and basking in all it's London atmosphere has to be a must do for the London visitor..... Plus the possibility of being discovered with future possibilities for fame and fortune makes for quite a day....Enjoy every moment!......Dianne