Saturday, 23 November 2013

Movember …… He’s Noticed!!!!!

Oh dear ……Christmas Tree in BilbrookNigel’s noticed ……..
Christmas tree…yesterdays aforementioned plethora of festive village adornment and accoutrement!
Bilbrook Christmas Tree.bThey say that Christmas comes earlier each year …… well,  it certainly has this year ……. and I have had to tell Nigel in no uncertain terms that “No” he can’t hang his stocking up YET!!!!!! Mon Dieu!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Don't bring Nigel to Mexico - they have Christmas things in the supermarket in August.

Anonymous said...

Once the Christmas anticipation grabs hold, it is going to be ultra difficult for Nigel to contain his excitement! There will be a lot more than sugar plumbs dancing in his head! Hopefully he can wait the short time until opening advent windows and shop window decorations satisfy his Christmas yearnings .....Dianne

Anonymous said...

awe bless - well it's nearly December - so really Christmas is here - hang up your stocking Nigel - us olds don't know a thing! JantheFanx