Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Movember–The Autumn Leaves

Nigel has declared Autumn as his “most romantic” season …….
001He says that the colours of the leaves, their smell and their rustlings give him the most mahoooooosive goosebumps, I quote, “It’s all so beautiful,  crispy, crunchy and musty !!!”  What is he like???
003He has also heard on the pipeline, phoneline grapevine that if you catch a falling leaf, in the act of falling,  it will bring you good luck and you can make a wish …..
Which in Nigel’s book is never a bad thing, especially with the start of the festive season being all but a few days away ……
010…… and to this end Nigel spent all yesterday break and lunch time trying to catch a said Autumn leaf ……. a mission, he found, that was not as easy as it first sounded!
020But, his due diligence eventually paid off and Nigel caught his leaf ….. and now for that all important wish …………..!!!!


Mr.D said...

Good luck with the good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's romantic soul has truly expressed the feelings many of us have about autumn and it's spectacular show of colours and walking in those crispy crunchy leaves; many happy memories of doing just that......persistence paid off and I hope your wish comes true dear Nigel.......Diannefeedial