Wednesday, 20 November 2013

MOVEMBER– Nigel Makes A Considered Purchase!

The PE Lady called Nigel over the PE Block to tell him that she had baked Movember cakes and wondered if, perhaps, he would like to have first dibs!!!
Well, Nigel didn’t need asking twice, and three Movember Buns were duly selected and a generous donation made to help quell funds.
015And, as the PE Lady didn’t have a plate or a box to help Nigel carry them, she let him take the cakes back to the office on one of her silver salver trophies for netball!!!
However, Nigel was determined to bring the moustachioed cakes back home to Castle Greysquirrell for our tea, but they were exceeding tempting …..
….. and as the office ladies are known for their partiality for a bit of cake, Nigel felt that he had to guard them with his life and not take his eyes off them for one second.
But one of the aforementioned office ladies noticed how the responsibility was weighing very heavily on Nigel's shoulders and she gave him her sandwich box to put them in and out of temptations reach for the rest of the day!
035Finally, it was a great relief for Nigel to get home “cakeus intacticus” after a two bus journey home.
036We were so proud of the little fella, he had not only been kind enough to provide us with pertinent comestibles to the month but he had also displayed due diligence in delivering them to us undamaged.
038And were Nigel’s and the PE Lady’s efforts all worth it …….. ???
Oh Mon Dieu et mon droite …….. they certainly were!!!
044The PE Lady does make exceeding good Movember Cakes …… nom, nom, nom ….. 11.5 on our Richter Scale of Movember Noms!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done PE Lady and well done Nigel. A great effort all round.
My mouth is watering too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Nigel! The responsibility weighed heavily, but dependable, reliable Nigel was up to the challenge. They do look especially delicious and for certain all those noms were well deserved!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Don't know if I could have got three home safely - might have been a few crumbs left! Well done young Nige! JantheFan x