Sunday, 3 November 2013

MOVEMBER–MoBros Reunited

With Halloween at Castle Greysquirrell over, Darrell had started moping around the house saying that he was missing Hugh ….. and wondering what he was up to etc. etc. etc.etc. etc……………..
001….. until, in the end, I said “Darrell, for goodness sake just phone Hugh and see if he is free for you to go and stay with him for a couple of days!”  And with that Darrell was gone! Hugh was free, train tickets were booked and suitcases packed!
Hugh and Darrell reunitedWithin three hours or so Darrell and Hugh were reunited!  And Hugh, like all of us was embracing his fuzz and supporting Movember!
Notting Hill VampiresHe was also sporting a rather splendid cross about his person that Darrell just couldn’t take his eyes, wondering if he too ought get one too while he was away, lest he should look not look de rigueur enough.
Fashion Statement crucifix cross“Oh Darrrreeell,  one cannot be too careful at this tide of all Halloween, when all zee spirits are aroused and there is an ill wind and chill in zee air ……..
Pumpkin  Carving Notting HillI have done zee spooky Pumpkin belatedly in your honour ….
Halloween Pumpkin …… but I am a little afeared that in doing zee spooky pumpkin thingy I may be breaking zee hallowed codes of zee Halloween, so I wear zee cross as a protection …..
Halloween Notting Hill 2013…… and think we should proceed with our trick and treating with caution I think, just in case.
Halloween Garlic precautionI have also brought a little extra of zee garlic to protect us from any rogue vampires that may be roaming zee streets of Notting Hill tonight and knocking at our door  ….. !!!!”
143At that Darrell broke into the most humungous fit of “zee” giggles that made him laugh so hard Hugh had to fetch a paper bag for Darrell to breath into to get his aforementioned breath back …… “Oh Hugh” he gasped “I have missed you sooooo much and your showbiz ways  you almost had me believing you! What are you like?”  Happy Days!!


Mr.D said...

Is Hugh rehearsing for a part in a showbiz event, with his French accent?
'Allo 'Allo! or The French Connection? Is mum going to be the fallen Madonna with the big ......?
I'm sure Hugh, Darrell, mum et al will have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Good friends, good times...who could ask for anything more? We know there are good times aplenty when these two old friends are London Lounging and having a best friend get together.....Happy Days for sure.........Dianne

marc said...

i was banned from the house while the boys had a boys time together but the state of the house when i got back i think they had lots of fun and i think a few far sweets were eaten big love marc

Mr.D said...

I hope you had a wonderful time with Monkey's Mum too.