Wednesday, 27 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Darrell Considers Getting Some Tight Breeches!!!

Oh Monnnnnnnnn Dieu ……..
Dance Like jane Austen..I suspect there will be no doing with Darrell now he’s seen this poster! He has already begun to slip the word countenance into almost every sentence as well as walking with one hand behind his back in a very upright manner!Regency DancingHe says “Strictly is a trifle that holds very little interest for me …… a fad perhaps that has indeed had it’s day, foresooth …..!” What is he like???
Now, perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick here,  but surely Darrell should thinking about dancing more like Mr Darcy than Jane Austen???  I think I may have to have a quiet word, as I would hate Darrell to follow when “indeed” he should be leading ……
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….. the ensuing embarrassment would surely be far too much for him to countenance!!!!!


Mr.D said...

I think his moustache is more like Mr. D'Arcy than Jane Austen too.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Darrell will be emulating the best, best ( and one and only) Mr. D'Arcy ever.....the most perfect Colin Firth? Being a handsome charmer by nature, Darrell could do it! I'm certain he will get the lead/follow issue resolved.....Dianne