Thursday, 21 November 2013

Movember–Moustaches Akimbo

Our Movember moustaches have been very much admired and we have received many requests for the pattern …..
Knitted Movember Moustaches So the PE Lady and The PE Lady’s Mum have produced a pattern that you are free to download ….. how robustly brilliant is that????
Knitted Movember Moustache Team WGHSNow as non-knitting persons , we are not able to correspond with any of queries of a knitting and purling type nature …… but from what we can gather all the K1 (or K2) F and B stuff is about making a stitch ……. good luck in your endeavours
knitting pattern jpeg


Anonymous said...

Since I cannot knit, it is all Greek to me! Very thoughtful gesture to offer the pattern for these outstanding moustaches....PE Lady and PE Lady's Mum's kindness knows no bounds!....Dianne

SueF said...

Thank you - this would make fab badges with a pin on the back!


Mr.D said...

Oops, my comment hasn't appeared.
Well done PE Lady and PE Lady's mum. Knitting patterns are pretty technical.