Saturday, 16 November 2013

MOVEMBER–A Meeting Of Moustaches.

I popped over to the PE Block yesterday, their delivery of Ariel 3 in 1 capsules had been delivered to the Latin Department by mistake and had remained undiscovered there for three weeks,  while in the meantime, a mahoooosive mound of muddy PE strips had been building up at a most alarming rate over in the aforementioned PE Block leaving Harvey and Rooney almost their wits end!
Movember Moustaches 2013 KnittedSo, when I appeared over the horizon laden with said Ariel capsules I received something akin to a heroes welcome.  “At last …..!” rejoiced Rooney and Harvey almost in unison “.. socks shall be done …. hurrah, hurrah!” They then proceeded to give me an emotional PE-esque three cheers, followed by a very rousing  “For he’s a jolly good fellow!” – what are they like?
Movember. Moustaches. 2013 KnittedTheir enormous relief was both palpable and tangible …..  as were their spectacular moustaches, the PE Lady and the PE Lady’s Mum have obviously been very, very busy …..
2013 Movember knitted moustachesWe exchanged a little manly banter, spending quite a lot of time comparing the sizes of our moustaches  and our various grooming techniques.  It was so good to catch up with the boys, even though we work in the same establishment our twain very rarely meets half as often as it should do …. and we all agreed that we should organise something of a bijoux get together in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

Three magnificent moustaches on that handsome trio! ....Dianne

marc said...

O i think that should be done when ever one walks in to a room i could live with cheers and songs of admiration and praise but i dont think i would like to shake hands or be to close to the great unwashed Marc makes me travel by bus and tube once a month to as he say Kep me grounded and help me remember were i come from but between you and me i am sure i am allergic to poor people as i break out in hives when i get to close to them Big show biz White gloved wave Hugh ( I must apologise for Hugh horrid comment about poor peps and tubes i will be taking little mister i am to good to mix with you to shelter to volunteer there once a month i am sure that will help him acclimatise to the tube i knock him down a peg or two i wont have him going all out mr showbiz i am better than you on us big love marc

Mr.D said...

Maybe they should wash their moustaches in 3 in 1 - the detergent, not the oilin a tin.