Friday, 22 November 2013

Movemeber – Village Developments Of A Festive Type Nature

It’s only really mid-November but yesterday, when Darrell got home, he noticed that there had been much robust activity of a festive preparation type nature dans our village while we had all been out at work …….
Bilbrook Lights 2013First,  he noticed something very new on the village green, the likes of which we had never seen before ….. to wit conical shaped constructions on top of several of the posts that stand on the edge of the aforementioned green, which looked suspiciously like Christmas Trees.
Bilbrook Lights.He also noticed that our hostelry of choice had also been festooned, as if by Santa’s Elves, with illuminated garlands ….. and the usual plethora of flashing reindeers, stars and Santa's sleigh. 
Bilbrook WoodmanAnd then ….. (and it certainly wasn’t there when we caught the bus in the morning), he saw that the village Christmas tree had been erected ……
Bilbrook Christmas Tree.…. and if you remember last year, we commentated that it looked decidedly lopsided, well this year it looks “…. outstandingly pert and straight as a die….!” according to Darrell!!
Christmas Trees everywhere BilbrookAnd finally, when he looked up Darrell noticed that all the village shops were sporting a bracketed Christmas tree, another new development, something, he mused,  that might also add a touch of seasonal class to the front Castle Greysquirrel, … his dreams!!!!!
Christmas tree wall brackets…… Oh Mon Dieu …. it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …..Nigel a hero of our timesI am now really hoping that this flurry of activity will go straight over Nigel’s little head for as long as possible …… our Christmas usually starts on December 1st when we don our gay apparel ….. a festively excited Nigel, mid November is not something I would particularly relish!


Mr.D said...

1st December is the day to start getting all festive, with Advent Calendars and the like.
It is a tad too early for Nigel to get all excited.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas festival momentum has begun.....trees here trees there.....soon the large tree will be decorated and the spirit of the season will reign supreme! Love the garland! The village may be ahead of the decorating curve, but better ahead than lagging behind......Enjoy watching each new decorating development......Dianne

marc said...

the decs are up in lots of places in london and this year i have seen lots of private homes with Christmas decs up already i think its getting like the shops my friend starts just after Halloween as it takes 4 weeks for him to dec his house mine takes two lol we do dads house as we are always there at Christmas take care big love marc