Sunday, 17 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Oh Darrell …… But We Don’t Need Any!!

Oh mon dieu, when Darrell was out shopping yesterday he spotted some “kindling” wood ….
He said it just sounded sooooooo romantic and reminded him of fairy tales when one or all of the characters were sent into the woods to forage for and gather  “kindling” on some dodgy premise ……like Hansel and Gretel …….
Fireglow kindlingAnyway …. Darrell got himself all caught up in the aforementioned romance of it all and made, what he thought was a very considered and thoughtful purchase, with dreams of keeping his poor shivering family, to wit Nigel and I, all warm and toasty as we sat round a fire made of said kindling wood, toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories ……….
The fact that we have full central heating at Castle Greysquirrell and the only fireplace we have houses our fish tank didn’t even cross his mind ….. oh Darrell …. WHAT are you like?????


Anonymous said...

Bless.......JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What is he like?
Like a Monkey whose moustache disappears and reappears between phootos.

Anonymous said...

Darrell's a true romantic...his flights of fancy keep us all entertained! So much romantic drama from a package of kindling; what will jog his romantic notions next? Can't wait to see!...Dianne