Saturday, 30 November 2013

Movember–Divesting Ourselves

Well, that was Movember, and last night, we decided it was finally time to divest ourselves of our Movember Moustaches ……End of Movember 2013……. let’s just say it was emotional.
Movemeber Our Movember moustaches had become part of us, or perhaps we should say we had become part of them ….
Monkeys face revealledI divested first!  Oh Mon Dieu, my top lip felt so strange, all bare, empty and slightly breezy ….. and as for the face staring back at me, I could hardly recognise myself, but it was good to feel and look  like my old self again …..
Movember Monkey's Face revealedMy unveiling drew robust gasps from Darrell and Nigel, as they had grown accustomed to my face, as I had theirs.
Darrells Movember face revealledDarrell went next, he had been a martyr to a slight flaky rash throughout Movemeber, but he had taken it all on the lip, with minimal moans and the copious application of Vaseline,  so saying goodbye to his moustachioed appearance was really a mahooooosive relief to him.
Movemeber 2013 moustaches removedAnd finally, it was Nigel’s turn to divest, to be honest it was a just a humungous deliverance for Darrell and I, as we couldn’t adjust to Nigel with a hirsute appendage , it was just too disconcerting ….
Nigel a hero of our times Movember Nigel's face revealed
…… it gave him a gravitas that was so opposed to his buoyant and upbeat personality, that everything he did seemed to be weirdly “out of kilter ”  in moustachioed mode.
Bare faced cheekSo, we all now feel very much like our old selves again …… and ready to face the rigours of December …… ho, ho, ho!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh lordy - Ho Ho Ho indeedy - what adventures await around the December corner?!
Well done on the managing the lip hair for the month! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

You had become parts of your moustaches - along with crumbs and bits of soup?35A

Anonymous said...

Emotional time for all; you did your Movember duty with style and grace.....looking forward to your ho ho ho good times and all of your holiday adventures!......Dianne PS Whew! Happy to see dear Nigel's unadorned face!

marc said...

you done your bit well done you but its good they are gone big love marc