Monday, 18 November 2013

Movember– Too Early For Christmas But I Fear A Onslaught Of Pester Power Is Imminent ……

Oh Mon Dieu ….. Nigel has spotted a rather large tractor in the window  of one of the shops in the village and sighs very deeply whenever he sees it.
John Derre toy tractorI can see where this is all leading …. but it is really too early to speak of things of a festive type nature, especially the possibility of putting a small pre-advent list together, but I fear that an onslaught of wishing is about to ensue!
Movember Christmas pester PowerNigel has even dragged Darrell over to the said shop several times already to admire see it.  However, Darrell has  been consummately sensible and pointed out to Nigel that this particular model, though very lovely, is far too big for him …..
Plaintiff Face Movember Moustache….. and that though it was OK to wish, “an element of practicality should also pervade”!!! I think, at the time this went right over Nigel’s head ….. however I have noticed him pouring over his dictionary since!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor dear is a blow when practicality comes crashing into your starry festive daydreams and puts a damper on your fondest wishes....hopefully something else will catch his interest and the blow will be softened.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Does he want something similar, but in the purview of the building trade?