Sunday, 24 November 2013

Movember–Darrell Creates Dans Le Kitchen

Darrell always seems to have his nose in a cookery book these days ….. ever since his last stay with our friend Hugh who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill.
Movember pesto Not that either Nigel or I are complaining because we have been enjoying some most acceptable comestibles of late.
Movember CookingYesterday he decided to have a go at making his own pesto sauce , so there was much toasting of nuts ….
Movember Pesto Power …… and the blitzing thereof ……
movember proof of the pudding Movember Tasting session
Darrell is still a little reluctant and shy to cook in front of an audience yet, but will call Nigel to take the all important taste test as soon as he is happy with the results…….
Plaintiff Face Movember Moustache……. he knows the little fella will be nothing but robustly honest, especially where food and his stomach are concerned.
Scraping the bowl …… and Darrell knows he is on to a winner when Nigel asks if he can clean out the bowl and lick the spoon!


Anonymous said...

Darrell is looking very serious about this new passion......looks like everyone is going to benefit in a delicious culinary way with lots of good eating for the holiday season! Lucky Monkey and Nigel with Darrell's creative juices taking a whole new turn!....Dianne

marc said...

My little cup cake of joy my hunny bunny of flour delight you are magnificent i love to see you toasting your pine nuts and making your very own pesto so much better than any shop brought try a walnut and spinach one or try a little coriander in another the mix is endless and with Christmas coming these will make great little gifts big show biz wave and proud of you hugs Hugh

Mr.D said...

I love making pesto chicken but have never made my own pesto. (Or my own chicken for that matter.)
Hugh is an inspiration to us all.