Friday, 8 November 2013

MOVEMBER–WE LOVE The PE Lady And The PE Lady’s Mum!!!

Movember Mugshots.Just how brilliant are the PE Lady and The PE Lady’s Mum? Even though they were in foreign climes dans Italy for half term, they still took their knitting needles and sufficient wool to fashion these exquisite Movember moustaches for us …………
Knitted Movember Moustaches When the PE Lady bought them over I just couldn’t take my eyes of them, they were so perfect….
Knitted Movember Moustache Team WGHSKnitted Movember Moustache. 2013
…… and I couldn’t believe the level of sophistication and sartorial elegance mine gave me, and ALL the ladies of a certain age seemed to notice too and couldn’t resist giving it a playful tug!
Movember MoustacheI couldn’t wait to get home and show Darrell and Nigel ……. OH MON DIEU ET MON DROIT …… their gasps of total admiration said it all …..
Movember 2013……. coupled with not a little manly emotion as I handed Darrell his to him.
Movember MugshotsThe PE Lady said that they may have to tweak the pattern a tiny bit for Nigel …… at the moment they are a little too big for him ……
 Movember team WGHSMovember Team WGHS. 2013
Oh good grief!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think next door's dog has taken up residence at Castle WhiteKnuckles - those last two pictures look very much like Pepsi Doodles the Cockerpoo belonging to Jeffery and Edith. JantheFan x
p.s wonderful moustaches P.E. Lady and her mum!

Mr.D said...

Well done PE Lady and PE Lady's mum!
These are amazing.
It brought to mind Whacko and the headmaster Jimmy Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! the PE Lady and her Mum know their stuff! Now those are moustaches meant to be seen and impress one and all.....they do get your attention.....Dianne

marc said...

wow those are the best i have seen well done PEladies mum big love marc