Saturday, 9 November 2013


Sally the “Latin Lady” in our Office had been to foreign climes for the half term holidays, to wit Cyprus ….. a country I know very little of except for the fact that they always give their douze points to Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest (and vice versa)!
019…… Anyways up,  she had very kindly bought back some Cypriot sweetmeats for the office to try, some Cypriot nuts, or mandoles as they say en Cypriot, as we very much have a continental palette  ….. …..
MandolesShe said that the aforementioned sweetmeats  were nuts, but it was hard to work out what the other ingredients were as Cypriots seem to like using lots of K’s, Y’s , X’s and Z’s and upside letters in their writing, it looks a romantic language, but not as romantic as Russian.
Cypriot MandolesSo the only way of knowing whether they were a sweet or savoury comestible (or something verging on the inbetween), was to open the pack and try them, and that honour of the grand opening was given to me …….
Cypriot nutsThey were indeed sweet, sweet and crunchy, and very moreish, so moreish in fact,  that they only managed to go round the office twice ….. before they disappeared ….. in fact I doubt very much is some of the ladies tasted them as they went down!  However when I asked them how many noms they would award the said “mandoles”, the ladies agreed on a unanimous 8.5 on the office Richter Scale of Noms!!!


Mr.D said...

They look good to me.
"Latin Lady?" Someone who speaks or teaches Latin. Or someone from Latin America?

Anonymous said...

Makes the day when a thoughtful gift is a new delicious treat...with the high nom score you may need to find a direct supply route for the mandoles!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Worth going over to Cyprus for a few dozen packets I feel - get out the holiday brochures now! JantheFan x