Friday, 1 November 2013

MOVEMBER 2013–Doing Our Bit!

Oh mon Dieu and heavens to Betsy, what on God’s green earth do we look like??????
celebrities supporting Movember 2013However, it’s all for a most excellent cause ….. and all through Movember we will be robustly doing our bit helping to raise pags and pags of dosh  as part of our team at work at WGHS ……, as well as having our own page.
celebrities supporting Movember 2013For Nigel especially,  it’s not going to be an easy task,  because Cook Lady has already told him, while waving a pointy finger in the general direction of his top lip, said that he would have to wear a net “over that!” …… slightly embarrassing …… but you know Nigel ……, he is not one to be down for long ….. he gave her one of his most endearing smiles and asked if she would like to make and sell some moustache cookies to promote the cause for us at break times ……………. needless to say, she was putty in his hands and said yes!!!!! What is he like????


Anonymous said...

Well, the old soup strainers do look a little jaunty in keeping with their worthy purpose.....not to mention easy come easy go once the worthwhile fun has ended.......Nigel's charm out in full force will ensure the team's success!......Dianne

marc said...

you look like village people lol
i hope you make lots of pennies have fun big love marc

Mr.D said...

That is remarkably rapid growth, especially for someone as young as young Nigel.
Mind you, monkeys are particularly hirsute in general, so this could explain it.
Is Mum going to grow a moustache too?

Anonymous said...

Mr. D oh you are awful - but I like you - Mum doesn't need to grow a's already there...........quick run I'm outta here............I will remain anonymus! 202 takendU

Mr.D said...

Anonymous 202 takenU - I think you are Mandy, a Dick Emery character.
You need to be of a certain age to understand this.