Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Movember – An Invitation To Tea At The PE Lady’s Mum

Yesterday we were all very robustly excited because the PE Lady’s Mum had invited us to tea …. to see if the Movember moustaches she knitted us fitted properly and didn’t need any tweaking. Movember 13 Resplendant moustachesNaturally,  we all made sure we were impeccably groomed, and Nigel carefully reminded to watch his P’s and Q’s and told that his behaviour must be beyond reproach ….. or else!
looking out for PE Lady The PE Lady told us that she would pick us up from our office at 3 o’clock prompt and so from half past two Darrell and Nigel waited and watched from the window.
Tea and cakesOh my gosh …… tea was wonderful ….. The PE Lady’s Mum had made sliced and buttered tea loaf and chocolate chip cakes with icing especially for us  ……
Nom nom nomanother piece of cake
Nigel was particularly enamoured by the aforementioned sliced and buttered tea loaf ….. and when pressed,  readily accepted a second, third and fourth slice, until Darrell kicked him under the table and gave Nigel a look that said “Leave some for Mr Manners!”
tea for twoWe had tea in proper china cups …… which made us feel very sophisticated and Nigel, bless him, remembered what we had told him about NOT slurping from his saucer …..  he did us proud!
We all would so have loved to have nommed aloud as we do at home,  but it would have been most inappropriate in someone else’s house …. but after, in the car going home, we all agreed that The PE Lady’s Mum’s cakes were 10 out of 10 on our Richter Scale of Noms.
2013 MovemberPE Lady's back garden
After tea the PE Lady’s Mum took us into her newly patio’ed garden …… with its panoramic country side vista ……
Homes and Gardens……. and ponies in the back …… we all filled our lungs in the wondrous fresh air ……
PE Lady's mum's gardenMovember 13
….. and Nigel did a lot of sighing ……. musing, about what it must be like to be The PE Lady’s Mum, waking up every morning to such a “Country File/Horse and Hound” type view,  with the sounds of the countryside coming through the open window  “Cows mooing, horses neighing, birds twittering, hedgehogs snuffling, cocks clucking and sheeps baaaaahing, duck quacking, squirrels cracking their nuts ……. ”,  to name but a few, with a dreamy look in his eye.
romantic fireAnd then finally, and most romantic of all.  we sat in front of The PE Lady’s Mum’s fire to warm up …….. we pinched Nigel NOT to mention toast or marshmallows ……. but just to enjoy the glow. 
We had such a lovely time ….. “The Dolls House” is so cosy ….. and if ever Nigel says he’s leaving home and disappears I think we will know where to look for him first ….. and probably find him toasting said marshmallows!!!


Mr.D said...

Good old PE Lady's mum.
I hope you didn't get bits of cake or anything stuck in your "moustaches."

Anonymous said...

Does the PE Lady's Mum do 'The Doll's House' tours? Or maybe afternoon tea? Put my name down! JantheFan X

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect day with that superb tea and the beautiful view from PE Lady's Mum's lovely home! all topped off with a fire in the fireplace....... I'm with Jan, many of us would love to visit that little slice of Utopia....Pure Heaven!....Dianne

marc said...

Put me down with jan the fan I will pay for her tea and cake to as long as we can toast crumpets on the fire and have lashings of butter on them PE ladies mum rocks with style and class she is the hostess with the mostess a real lady big love marc and a show biz wave from Hugh