Sunday, 10 November 2013

Movember–X Factor

We have been very remiss of late with regards to reporting our televisual viewing …… especially X Factor,  which we continue to embrace but have failed to mention much …..
X Factor Lounging in Movember….. because,  to be honest, pictures of us watching the tele with a bowl of Pringles and a bag of Haribo Milkshakes passing between us are just plain boring!
Haribo MilkshakesHowever, we have received several e-mails asking us who are contestants(s) of choice are this year……..
Sam BaileyIs there any doubt?  Our one vote each week to keep our favourite in goes unanimously and most robustly to Sam,  who we have loved since her very first audition …… as Nigel puts it soooooooo succinctly each week after her performance “Boy, she can belt out a song!”
X factor Sam Bailey MovemberAdmittedly, we were a little fearful, as indeed Sir Gary Barlow was, that she may have faltered at “disco” but oh Mon Dieu …. she “nailed it”!
Sam Bailey X FactorSo….. at this half way stage, we will firmly stick our necks out and make a spooky Derek Acorah type prediction by saying that the X Factor finalists will be Sam, Rough Copy and Luke with the greasy hair …… we think that Rough Copy will give her a run for her money ….. but our heart belongs to Sam and we also predict a wonderfully emotional Christmas No. 1!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you all the way with Sam boys! Are you sitting with your Haribos during Strictly too? Oh my a true Saturday of Delights.....but alas Downton Abbey leaves us this evening boo hoo.....but returns for a Christmas Spesh - Hurrah!!!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Do you have a crystal ball?
Or a hotline to Mystic Meg?
What will be next week's lottery numbers?

Anonymous said...

Wishing your favourite good luck and a huge win! Looks like a great evening complete with yummy snacks.....Dianne

marc said...

we are with you on this one boys big love marc and show biz wave hugh