Friday, 29 November 2013

Movemeber – Nom, Nom, Nom

As you know,  we are all robustly partial to a grande or vente of frothy coffee, especially when a certain coffee shop do their limited edition Egg Nog Latte during the festive season, but it is all rather expensive …. especially on our wages, and so it has to be an occasional treat rather than a habitual habitat habit!
Dolce gusto. most excellent coffee…… ….. However, we had a bit of a debate, at times heated, but eventually came to the mutual decision to make a very considered purchase and invest in a posh coffee maker, so that we can have posh coffee on tap …. tout le temps!
Dolce Gusto nom nom nom Unfortunately,  Dolce Gusto haven’t yet “done” an aforementioned egg nog latte capsule, but we intend to put pen to paper to ask the powers that be to consider the option, however we VERY MUCH appreciate their vanilla latte…….
Dolce Gusto nescafe…… as well as the Latte Macchiato, Cappodemonte, Leonardo DiCaprio  Cappuccino, Chocochino (our bedtime milky num nums will never be the same again) and Caramel Latte Macchiato, all of which Nigel has a great deal of difficulty pronouncing, but he has learnt the colour of the tops off by heart……….
Dolce Gusto. wonderful coffee. ……… and has also become very adept at inserting the capsules
Dolce Gusto coffee maker….. with the resulting results always being tres nom, nom, nom and exceedingly frothy!
We have also acquired an en trend and de rigueur thermo mug each, so that when we get on the Banga bus each morning holding them, we not only look very sophisticated, but we could easily be mistaken for “proper” London office workers going about our daily commute!! Darrell says we are “…….so in the zone, it’s almost painful!!!”, what is he like?


Anonymous said...

ALL the best homes have a Dolce Gusto!!! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Why don't you make your own version of eggnog coffee using a blender or something similar?
You can experiment, like Tom the Scientist, until you get your favourite concoction.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a great addition to Castle Greysquirrel.....daily life will certainly have a bright spot as you survey the bounty of delicious flavours! Hmmmmm, Wonder what flavour a Leonardo Di Caprio would be......with the upcoming holidays that machine is going to be humming away with those posh choices and I know you are going to enjoy every moment sipping your favourites!.......Nom away!...Dianne