Monday, 25 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Nothing Like Planning Ahead ….

The Cook Lady asked Nigel if he would like to help promote the kitchens Baguette of the Month campaign ……. as October’s Ham and Cheesy Coleslaw were met with a slightly lack lustre response!
Movember 2013 Doing My bitSo, this MOVEMBER we can confirm that Nigel will be steadfastly and mostly tucking into the BBQ Bacon and Chicken with robust gusto during the week ……. leading from the front, so’s to speak! 
Sorry Mr D ….. no corn beef baguettes are in the pipeline, which someone, close to us seems to remember as being your sandwich filling of choice, only with sliced bread and wrapped in the bread wrapper ….. so classy and romantic! Perhaps Nigel could sway Cook Lady to make a substitution at some juncture in the year in your honour!


Anonymous said...

Nigel is going to be the man of the hour with this important assignment.....we have no doubt he will have everyone lining up to savor the Movember baguettes! I suspect this baguette mention has Mr. D reliving his fond food memories and those good times!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Those baguette selections look inspired.
You had me laughing out loud with mention of my wholemeal bread and corned beef sandwiches, transported in the wholemeal bread plastic bag, and not cut diagonally or in any other way.
No corned beef to be found in Mexico but I reverted to eating them when I was in Abu Dhabi.
My current sandwich of choice is still wholemeal bread, square uncut sandwiches carried in the bread bag but with cheese instead of corned beef.