Monday, 10 March 2014

A Gift For Hugh, A Visit To A His Adopted Hostelry, And A Time For Quiet Reflection For Darrell.

While Darrell was out and about in London he was always keeping an eye out for a special gift for Hugh to thank him for his most generous hospitality during his visit.
Present For Hugh. Hammersmith Charity ShopsIt had to be de rigueur, en trend and something Hugh hadn’t got, so, not an easy challenge for Darrell, but on his last day he saw exactly what he wanted in a charity shop window, it was a no brainer, a neck piece made up of holy medals,  Darrell knew he had struck gold ….
talking…… as he remembered that during one of their late night talks Hugh had mentioned that “sacred medals” were “Soooo, soooo, sooooo Darling!” and that they would be the next “must have” at all society do’s ….. with excess being the keyword!
Holy medal necklace Nigel tried it on for size and felt very “de riguer” and “on point” in it, a a purchase was duly made … with Darrell hoping that Hugh would feel the same way about it too.
Uxbridge Arms.In celebratory mood Darrell decided to take himself off to what he now regarded as his “local” in London, The Uxbridge Arms, for a cheeky lemon and lime …..  and noticed, for the first time a plaque saying that Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais used to drink there …… perhaps even in the very spot he was sitting !!!drank hereThis was a very poignant moment for Darrell because they wrote, among many, many other things things Auf Wiedersehen, Pet which was Andy’s very, very favourite programme,  he would watch it on dvd almost every night when he worked late in the office, it didn’t matter how many times he saw an episode,  he still loved it and would always ask for the latest series for Christmas or Birthdays …….
Uxbridge ArmsDarrell reflected for a while ….. and thought on how such chance and random things could bring so many memories flooding back……… and then still in pensive mood ambled back to Hugh’s flat, his gift jangling in his pocket, knowing his few days away in London were, sadly, nearly over.


Mr.D said...

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais indeed. I think Darrell and Hugh are a pair of Likely Lads too.

Anonymous said...

Always wonderful when the perfect gift appears almost magically and you know it is exactly right...... poignant moments often remind us of loving bonds that are life's greatest gift.....Hugh's friendship and generous hospitality have provided another London visit filled with special memories!...Dianne

marc said...

I love it my darling boy its just so divine when i am not wearing it it is hung in the car my man who drives rick he is s so thrilled to have so many saints watching over us as we drive up and own the country and the Uxbridge Arms is the pub you visit if in London dont expect food there it is a real drinking pub but its one were the staff will welcome you with a smile and the clients who drink there are from the world of show biz to the little man who sweeps the street but all are-treated as if they are kings and They love Darrell but who does not love the darling boy big show biz wave and tear in my eye farewell kiss Hugh Marc