Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Wonderment Of A Workman’s Toolbox!

There is something very manly and romantic about a workman’s toolbox,  all those tools, used to great purpose and all with a patina honed by many years of masculine use ……….
002005 (2)
…… Sadly, we are strangers to such wondrous treasure chests and their fascinations, not knowing one end of an accruement  from another, but that it doesn’t stop us greatly admiring them, especially Nigel ……. who I have had to warn, bedazzled though he is, NOT to touch ANYTHING, lest damage to them … himself….  or Castle Greysquirrel is done!
010However, we are all very curious to see how things are progressing, from behind closed doors  and so, when the foreman’s whistle has been blown and everyone has downed tools for the day, Darrell and Nigel are oft to be found availing themselves of  a sneaky peek ……
011new bathroom
…… All that is now left of the Castle’s salle de bain is the bath …… and the carcass of our old airing cupboard ….. which I have warned Darrell and Nigel is not for climbing,  and if they get splinters it will be it on their own heads …..
boudoir bathroom……. and not to come running to me to pull them out!!! Exciting days indeed at Chez Castle Greysquirrell …..


Anonymous said...

Ouch - splinters in one's head. Not a pleasant thought. But loving the man talk pic of the boyz viewing work in progress. Exciting it certainly is! jantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Excitement for certain!..... I would be peeking in the doorway too!.......can't wait to see it does seem like a golden opportunity for dear Nigel to have all this construction and real builders right in his own home!....ah, the comfort of home; Darrell's looking especially comfy AND stylsh in his Castle Greysquirrel London Lounging animal print onsie! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

"If they get splinters it will be it on their own heads ….."
If they get splinters, it will more likely be on their own hands.