Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Does Nigel Have An Ulterior Motive Or A Hidden Agenda?

As I said the other day, Nigel has been noticeably loitering around the Geography Department of late and taking any suitable biscuits or cakey type comestibles that are surplus to kitchen requirements to the Geography Ladies and then engaging them in talk of volcanoes and geysers and waxing lyrical about the aura borealis, accompanied by long, lingering and wistful sighs!!!!
However, I may have sussed him out, even if they haven’t …… as rumour is afoot that there has been an slight miscalculation in the staff to student ratio (of which, you will remember I am one) on the forthcoming Iceland trip and as such there, may be an extra space available to justify the over subscribed staffing quota!!!!! 
……. And,  I strongly suspect that you know who may be trying to put forward, by way of his great interest, a not very subtle, though admittedly robust case to be the one to fill that place …….. what is he like?


Anonymous said...

Aw...there's a method to all this Geography attention......surely Nigel would be great for this trip!........ that extra space is calling his name...I hear it all the way across the Atlantic....Good Luck, Nigel!!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Good move Nigel.
Good luck too.
Mrs D and I are off to Chile and Easter Island at, erm, easter. I think they change the name to Christmas Island in time for, erm, Christmas.