Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Spooky Calling For Nigel?

Nigel says that since we heard the awful news that Derek Acorah has been banned from driving for two years for reasons that we shall not dwell on here …… he has had a spooky, aforementioned Derek Acorah type feeling that someone has been trying to tell him something …….
022 (2)…… because the road he has to walk down to get to work, after getting off the Banga bus, seems to be littered with bicycle signs ….

…… he says it’s as if someone is beckoning him to get on his bike, in sympathy with Mr Acorah’s plight  …..
…….. this, despite that fact that Nigel does not possess a bike ….. let alone can ride one …..
It goes without saying that I am not at all sure about all this said beckoning business ….. let alone the thought of Nigel, on a bike (if he had one), especially on road not known for it’s sedateness …… with or without a bike lane
I think I also detect a slight note of hesitancy in Nigel, despite his bravado, so I am hoping that this “calling” blows over very quickly ….
….. and Mr Acorah announces soon that for the next two years, at least, his transport of choice will be either the bus or taxi where there is no bus route, so that Nigel will no longer be a martyr to his “sympathetic beckoning's”!!!!


Mr.D said...

Mr. Acorah should have seen this coming......

marc said...

were the spirts with Mr Acorah by any chance when he was driving i think nigel should go all out and get a motor bike lol big bad advice love marc who may have ben with the same spirts as Mr Acorah when he typed this

Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! Dear Nigel seems to be just a tiny bit obsessed (or possessed) with this beckoning that is leading him in the bike direction.....hopefully something new will come along and capture his imagination.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bike calling might have more to do with little Nige saving the world rather than buying a bike - car pollution, ozone layers and all that stuff. Just looking at this beckoning from a different angle. As for Mr. Acorah - shame on him - he should have known better. 896 183 JantheFan x