Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bedside Satsumas

In London, as Darrell soon discovered on waking on the first morning of his visit …… satsuma's are les fruits de la chambre à coucher ……
Satsumas 1
…… and of which Hugh, as a most gracious host, had, naturally, left an abundance beside Darrell’s bed to greet him as he welcomed in a new day!
“Ohhhhhh,  to be greeted by oranges at the side of ones bed upon waking …… is just toooooooo romantic” sighed Darrell on seeing them ……
Satsumas 2
…… and to be seen not to consume an ample sufficiency of said fruits de chambre whilst still in bed would not only look most rude, but also very unworldly of London ways …..
stasumas 4
……. and for Darrell that would be totally unthinkable!!!!


Mr.D said...

Hugh and Marc are wonderful and wise hosts to Darrell and Mum.

Anonymous said...

Where have I been, how have I missed 48 hours of fun? I'm just catching up on two days of London Lunching. Me thinks Pinterest has turned my head! JantheFan x

Anonymous said... comment didn't go through again!....Dianne