Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring Has Sprung For Nigel, But NOT For His Vest!

Nigel has noticed a particularly lovely patch of blue flowers on the way to work, which has made him come over all whimsical and waxical…..
…….. and full of awe and wonder for the blossoming of spring ….
He has also being doing a lot of oooohing and aghhhhing, followed by a lot of deep sighing …..
…… as he joyously embraces nature in all its glory!
However, he has already alarmingly mentioned the possibility of the flinging off his vest, with, in my opinion, undue haste, and as such, I have had to remind him that dans chez Castle Greysquirrel we robustly adhere to the old proverb, 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out', and as such, no vests will be tossed abandoned or unabandondly until the appointed time, when May is out!!!


Mr.D said...

As a child, vests were de rigeur for the winter months.
We also had liberty bodices when it was very cold.
Careful Nigel - don't incur the wrath of the powers that be in Castle Greysquirrel.

Anonymous said...

Once spring has sprung a young monkey's fancy is going to be exploding in all directions! Thank goodness he hasn't thought of going au natural and dancing around in the blue flowers!...... dear Nigel is going to be struggling to have patience while spring is having it's fling......Dianne

Di said...

Ha, ha - liberty bodices! With those dreadful rubberised buttons.

Be very glad Nigel, be very glad it's only a vest! Not long now :)


Anonymous said...

Goodness - no vest???? This Spring thing has filled his head with absurd notions. We are expecting snow this weekend! I know Spring has sprung when I can stop sharing my bed with a couple of hot water bottles - and there aint any sign of that happening yet!!! JantheFan x

marc said...

Mr D you made me smile a liberty bodice o those were the days lol and i think you will find but i could be wrong the poem refers to the may flower and not the month but then i am one for chucking your vest of when ever you can big love marc

Mr.D said...

Thank you Marc. I hope you can chuck your vest off very soon. No vests in Mexico as it is nice and warm at present.
You are correct about the poem could refer to the month or the hawthorn tree.