Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nigel’s Unhealthy Fascination

With the restoration of Castle Greysquirrel now fully underway Nigel has acquired a very unhealthy fascination for a certain pipe in the bathroom …..
toilet pipe….. to wit the pipe that was once connected the toilet …..
004……. “I thought that there would just be a hole in the floor where the toilet used to be ” he mused
005What is he like? I have told him that he is now “banned” from going anywhere near the vicinity ….. and that he must stay firmly behind the bathroom door ……
007 (2)…….  as I have visions of him (and Bagpuss) disappearing up said hole, head lamps akimbo in exploratory mood ……. and I will not to be responsible for my actions, if we hear distressed voices coming from within and have to fish them out in goodness knows what state!!!!!


Anonymous said...

that black hole is bound to be enticing to Nigel and his Bagpuss companion.....with his construction obsession, what lurks down there will be the ongoing question!......Nigel's inquiring mind will want to know so perhaps one of those yellow tapes across the doorway will be necessary.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Builders and their bums come to mind. Best put a cover over this pipe before he disappears like a Nigel down a drainpipe.