Friday, 14 March 2014

Not Sure What To Do …..

The building work is still going on apace at school and although Darrell and I are now firmly ensconced in our new office, Nigel still trolls over to the demountables, where we used to “live”, to see the Geography Ladies, proffering tasty leftover comestibles from the kitchen, of which we are becoming ever suspicious!
However, I digress ….. on his way over the other day Nigel spotted this sign ……
….. and as a result remained resolutely and robustly rooted to the spot until Darrell eventually found him in quite an emotional state.  It appears that he was afraid to  “walk by” without “doing something about it” as the sign instructed…… but, as far as he could see,  there was no one in a distressed state about to leap from the new build to do "something about",  but had felt it his duty to stay put, just in case there was …, so that he could, perhaps, do his best to persuade them against such a foolish action!!! !  What is he like?????? 


Mr.D said...

Do something about "IT."
Maybe he has to do something about Information Technology.
I don't do much about IT. I leave such things to Mrs. D who is a computer programer.

Anonymous said...

A LOT of people do walk by and leave litter - but don't get me started on that one - I have a dog to walk - and yes I will pick up the poop!!! I won't walk on by. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Soooo confusing for Nigel.....concern about someone in distress can be very distressing in itself......perhaps Nigel can be convinced the person on the sign only needs help with gum or dog poop on his shoe......worth a try; don't want Nigel worried!....Dianne