Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Step Too En Trend For Darrell?

Darrell informs me that he and Hugh have been talking “de rigueur” long into the night …… every night during his visit  ……
New trends 1
….. however he had to admit that last night Hugh introduced him to a new trend ……..
Nattering in to the night 2
……. that even Darrell, despite his robustly overwhelming urge to be seen as on trend, admitted to being a little sceptical of …….
……. to wit, the emerging potentially iconoclastic  phenomena of ….. gentlemen’s headpieces,  which Hugh had excitedly assured him were about to take the club scene by storm, that would then infiltrate into more general wear
london style 5
Darrell, was for once, totally unconvinced, but rather than look rude and ungrateful of Hugh’s much sought after and inestimable fashion knowledge, Darrell agreed to, at least, give it a whirl …. and see how a said gentleman’s headpiece would  look and feel …..

Hmmmmm 4London styling 6

…… and so, with Hugh primping and fussing and cooooing over him, and telling him how it was “Soooooo, soooooo you Darling!” and “Sooooooo accentuates your finer features” and how, “…. with a top of more flamboyant type nature and ditching the badge  ….. it would be …..just too, too, too, toooooooooooooo for words Darling!”
Darrell, however remained resolutely but most politely dubious …….  in London, where practically anything goes … then yes, ….. but in our small village, with its Tesco Express and only just getting a new tea shop, perhaps it wasn’t the right time! 
Cest ca 7How will this go down in W-ton 8
“Ahhhh c’est such a dommage, mon ami Darrell, the look sooooooo suited you,  but I understand ….
talking 9
……. London styles sometimes do not translate so well in the North …… perhaps I can find you a trend of a little more parochial type nature to take home with you….. you just leave it to moi!”  Oh good grief …..!!!!


Mr.D said...

A step too far?
Wolverhampton is up north? I thought it was down south, or maybe the Midlands.

Mr.D said...

Marc - a few days ago you mentioned a book "Le Petit Prince" by the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Do you recommend it?

Den said...

The book is wonderful. You must read it. ELDx

Di said...

Oooooer, my Granny used to crochet things like that. To keep flies off the sugar!


Anonymous said...

Hugh is an amazing source of all the de rigueur London has to offer! So very fascinating to see the timely trends of London's creative minds.... I know Darrell's creativity will find an interesting way to express this new trend in gentleman's headwear....wonder what it will be?....Hugh does wear this headwear with style!....Dianne

marc said...

Di your granny must have been so classy to crochet such fine things in silver and swarovski crystals one would have loved her to bits such style just for ones sugar and i must say that they have gone of trend all ready but thats the dalston club crowd for you here today and gone tomorrow big Show biz wave and big air kiss Hugh

marc said...

Mr d its a classic childrens book its a good little book to read worth finding big love marc

Anonymous said...

Life is all about expressing oneself - as Marc Jacobs puts it - To me, clothing is a form of self-expression, there are hints of who you are in what you wear. Be yourself Darrell. JantheFan x