Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Darrell, Out And About In Notting Hill

During the day, Darrell is left pretty much to his own devices in London, because of Hugh’s packed diary of photo shoots, rehearsals and interviews etc. ….. for example, over a working breakfast that morning Hugh’s agent had called to say that both Woman’s Hour and Good Housekeeping were champing at the bit,  wanting him to pop in for his considered opinion on the growing trend for wearing paste jewellery at “glittering” royal and society events!
Portobello Green market 1
But in Hugh’s absence Darrell is always happy to wander, and visit places of Hugh’s esteemed recommendation ……
Portobello Market 2
….. and as Portobello Road is just a mere amble from Hugh’s pied de terre, it is always a no brainer for Darrell to visit, as it is a place he could never tire of, as there is always something new to see ….. and especially after Hugh had introduced him to gentlemen’s headpieces the night before….. Darrell was naturally curious to see if they had infiltrated the “market scene” yet and should/ought to revise his stance on them!!!!
Mews off Portobello Road 3
And then, Darrell also very much enjoys moseying down the hidden side streets and mews along the road  …… picking out the sort of mews type house …….
Pied De terre. Noitting Hill 4
…… that, in his dreams, would make a possible “London Chateau Castle Greysquirrel”, if we ever won “stupid” money on the lottery (and if we actually did the lottery!), because in the parts of London Darrell very much admired, we would need stupid money to purchase said potential London Chateau Castle Greysquirrel!
recipease 4
Darrell had been most keen to nip into Jamie Oliver’s Recipease at Hugh’s  recommended to try  the oven-roasted lamb wrap,  (a soft tortilla wrap stuffed with shredded slow-cooked lamb, homemade houmous, chilli, garlic mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint, all in a creamy mint and yoghurt dressing) which ticked all of Darrell’s gastronomic boxes, but unfortunately the cafe was rather busy and as Darrell’s stomach was by this time rumbling very indiscreetly he decided to leave Jamie’s delights for another day and take himself to a very acceptable Turkish restaurant instead……
Turkish Meal. Notting Hill 5
….. where he partook in a very acceptable minced lamb pide and an extra large latte.
Pide 5
…… and reflected on all the wonderful things he had seen and wondered what Hugh would be partaking in at the Woman’s Hour canteen with Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray, and what tales and gossip he and Hugh would exchange later on that evening! London was such bliss!


Mr.D said...

Home made houmous - from a shop? How does that work?
What wonderful places to wander around and see the sights. Careful you may bump into Hugh Grant.

Anonymous said...

Must admire Hugh's ability to manage this busy schedule......a day wandering London has so many possibilities for spontaneous finds that excitement builds continuously!...Lovely mews; would love to have the blue house.....hopefully it isn't for sale; I would be figuring out just how many millions of pounds or dollars I would need (and where oh where would it come from)!......the mews does inspire dreams of living there.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS...just as "Paris is always a good idea", from all I have heard, Portobello is always a good idea, too!......Dianne

marc said...

we had such fun and portobello is always fun to walk down mind you when i take my 3 bassets out it takes a extra hour to walk as so many peps want to take photos of them its like that old saying you wait ages for a bus then 3 come along at the same time its like your bassets lol how often do i hear that in a day big love marc

Anonymous said...

I'm sighing here - oh Darrell you are giving me the dreaded London Lust. I want to be there NOW! JantheFan x