Thursday, 20 March 2014

Our Bathroom Is Finished

The salle de bain stage of Castle Greysquirrel’s restoration is now complete …. ……. and lets just say there was quite a tussle between Darrell and I as to who would get in there first to see the transformation ……
Oh, mon dieu et mon droit est et mon rive gauche!!!! We all just stood and stared in bedazzled silence, save for several humungous sighs ….. it is soooooo beautiful, more beautiful than we could ever have imagined….. Castle Greysquirrel now has, what Darrell likes to call a “boutique bathroom” and worthy of an exclusive Hello Magazine type shoot.
We are so glad that after all our robust and at times unbelievably heated debate, we didn’t go for the gold plated, chucking up swan taps that we were all so torn over, less has proved to be definitely more, and the aforementioned swans would have been road kill overkill,  not to mention, as Hugh had advised us “….. a little bit common and sooooooo totally non London, darrrrrrlings!”
And talking of Hugh …..  he very kindly sent a huge box of tres de rigueur scented candles and perfumed rose petals to sprinkle dans le bain, so that, he said “….. we could bathe in calm, romantic ambience!” What is he like?
To be honest, we are a little afraid to “bathe” at the moment, for risk of spoiling anything …… our towels are arranged to an inch of their lives and everything is so clean and shiny …….
…… however, sooner or later Nigel will start to ponk …..
……. and then ….  it will be rose petals akimbo for everyone, once he has christened everything, metaphorically speaking that is!  We are soooooo blessed! However …. the restoration is not over yet ……


Mr.D said...

Looking good - Andy will be looking down and passing judgement. He will be impressed.
Gor blimey guv, luv a duck - the Elvis one at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!....This is really beautiful!.....good taste certainly did prevail everywhere......agree the gold swan is a novelty but would soon lose it's the duckies; they are a must have!.....Hugh's thoughtful gifts will make those inaugural baths unforgettable .....Enjoy!....Dianne