Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nigel’s Robust Tenacity Pays Off ……

I fear that Nigel has finally worn the Geography Ladies down re: the spare place on the Iceland trip, because yesterday he was “summonsed” to Geography Headquarters by the chief Geography Lady Boss, Mrs C, who sat him down and asked if he might consider accompanying the group to Iceland, which, she stressed, was nothing to do with his “generosity of cake”, but because she and Mrs M had been captivated by his innocent,and enquiring interest in all things of a Geography type nature!!!!! 
There were however Mrs S added, three provisos to his joining the party …..  one was that Nigel was to stand well away from the edge of any volcano, waterfall or geyser, without exception,  the second was there was to be absolutely no skinny dipping in the hot tub under the aurora borealis no matter how romantic it was, and finally, there was to be no vulgar comments/references to the smell of sulphur, no matter how tempting, or how rampant the eggy aroma!
Nigel just sat, and listened, and then offered to sign his name in blood if he had to, but Mrs C there was no need for such drastic action, his word would be enough.  His name would be added to the passenger list and he would be sharing a room with me!!!!!!
I just hope they know what they are doing …….
……. and that Nigel will not be implicated in any way to any unexpected seismic fluctuation or volcanic activity while we are over there!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done Nigel!
I hope there aren't any problems with flights due to volcanic ash or Nigel getting scared and trying to open the door.

Anonymous said...

Hooray1 Nigel's perseverance paid off!......but then, who could resist that eager little face? ...I just know Nigel will mind his P's&Q's regarding smells, slippery slopes, etc.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Exciting times ahead - whooopppppeeeedooooo! Well done getting on the trip dear Nige without losing any blood - that might have been a little catastrophic. JantheFan x