Saturday, 1 March 2014

Darrell, Back London Lounging At Last

Yesterday, I waved off Darrell, as, at last, all the days on his countdown to “London Lounging” calendar had been crossed off and he was finally London bound to stay with his best friend and mentor Hugh, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill.
001Darrell said that as soon as he got off the Wolverhampton to Euston train London’s distinct and unique aroma hit him …. a sensation not akin to taking your first breath of sea air, he said, what is he like?
006 With a fully charged Oyster Card Darrell then proceeded by underground to Hugh’s pied de terre ….
Latimer Road Station…… via Latimer Road, where he had to admit, his heart started to race …. he was minutes away from Hugh’s ….. and London Lounging.
Style Guru HughHugh, although on a “shoot” all, day, had still managed to conjure up a bijoux supperette using leftovers from the “shoot wagon”, salmon with a herby crust , asparagus, tiny Marie Claire potatoes, sweated spinach and Chantilly carrots, all in a rich, creamy sauce ….. telling Darrell that leftovers was the buzz word throughout London society, as far as home cuisine was concerned, it was sooooo de rigeuur to be frugal, and make a meal out of nothing!!
Robust debateThen they talked on, late into the night, about anything and everything ….
Style approval. london Fashion weekwith Darrell showing Hugh his beloved tiger onsie, hoping for Hugh’s seal of en trend approval ……
Tiger Onsie…. which naturally, he got , “Animal prints, they never, ever, ever, ever go out, Darrell” Hugh told him “ ….. they are a staple of any London wardrobe, and for lounging? Ohhhh mon dieu, c’est ca!!!!” Which made Darrell glow with pride!
Talking well into the nightIt was 4 o’clock before they finally got to bed ….. despite Hugh’s car calling for him at 5.30 for an early  morning call ……
179……. and Darrell snuggled down between satin sheets, London felt never felt soooooo wonderful!


Mr.D said...

Great friends meeting up once more.
How wonderful.

Leopardskin leggings on large women? I'm not convinced but I will bow to Hugh's knowledge of such things.

marc said...

Mr d leopardskin leggings on a large lady can end up looking like giraffe print so its a look that can be worked and it is so fabulous to have the boy come stay he is a ray of sunshine on a dark day we do so love him and his charming ways big fuzzy heart felt love and air kiss wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

It is always the very best sort of excitement when Darrell and Hugh have a London visit!......Satin sheets, satsumas, friends talking away into the London night!!!Can it get any better? NO, not possible with Hugh's impeccable hospitality! ...pure heaven of the London Lounging kind......Dianne