Friday, 28 March 2014

I Inadvertently Help Nigel To Acclimatise For Iceland For A Bit Longer Than He Intended ……..

Personally, I am pretty calm about mine and Nigel’s impending Geography trip to Iceland in a few weeks time, however ….. the same cannot be said about Nigel …… who I can only compare to one of Iceland’s volcanoes on the verge of an eruptive episode!!!!  I fear he may erupt himself,  if I can’t find away to cool him down!
We have had volcanoes, geysers, puffins, penguins and constant musings morning, noon and night as to what whale blubber tastes like …. and whether they will put it in the sandwiches in our lunchbox ……. not to mention his ponderings over lamb smoked over dung! …… AND, if he tells me once more that he categorically WON’T be eating any of the aforementioned puffins, because they are too cute,  I may be forced to pull his bobble hat down over his mouth to shut him up!!! Aghhhhh
But aside from his none stop ruminations and theories on Icelandic cuisine Nigel has also taken to wearing his Innocent Smoothie bobble hat and the scarf Dianne, our friend who lives in romantic and perpetually sunny Florida,  sent him last Christmas ……, in case, he says, he forgets to pack them and to help him acclimatise!
And yesterday, very fortuitously as it happened, an unexpected and robust hail storm gave me the opportunity to shove suggest that he might go outside for a while to acclimatise properly ……….
…… but somehow, I don’t know how, I slipped the catch while he was out there ……. leaving Nigel to acclimatise for a little longer than he may have possibly chosen ….
I apologised profusely when I eventually heard his knocking ….. but as I told him, when he’s on a glacier and feeling a tadge chilly, he won’t be able to just  knock on the door to come in then ….. so going the extra mile now would hold him in good stead for his adventures to come!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Hopefully he doesn't decide to spend time in a walk in freezer to acclimatise.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this Iceland trip has a lot more complications than one would think...apparently it isn't just looking at geysers and volcanoes.....know I wouldn't want one of those pretty little puffins in my lunch box......whale blubber would be out too.....don't give up Nigel!...the plan will all come together....Dianne

Janet said...

Puffins are my favourite bird, but I did eat some and it was lovely, very meaty.
We also had some beautiful smoked salmon and when asked how it was smoked, was told 'over 100 year old sheep dung" Several people were put off, but it was gorgeous.
Watch out for the spitting fulmars.

Have a fabulous time, best holiday I have ever had and it was 25 years ago.