Monday, 3 March 2014

London Lounging Confectionary Review - Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz and Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu

Today, we are going to do something we have never attempted before on our blog ………  a confectionary review from London, conducted by none other than Darrell and the most discerning palate in Notting Hill, Hugh …..
Dairy Milk Ritz 1
Darrell had spotted the new Dairy Milk Ritz and Lu bars in our village Tesco Express just before he went down to London and at just 50p each it would have been rude not to try them ….. and with his visit to Hugh imminent, it was a no brainer!
New Dairy Milk Ritz 2
To all of us, Ritz Crackers and Dairy Milk seemed a bizarre combination and Lu biscuits????? Well, we’ve never heard of them, so a considered review was always going to be interesting!
The Boys scrutinised the Dairy Milk Lu robustly first, which they both agreed had a very ample sufficiency of chocolate, but was it a chocolate bar or biscuit?  Was it something you would you proffer to your friends when you’d invited them round for morning coffee or was it a treat that you might hid under the cushions on a Saturday night to later indulge in while watching X Factor?
Lu and Dairy Milk 4Dairy Milk. 4
These were the questions that Darrell and Hugh found themselves compelled to answer ……. and in the end both decided that given the choice when entertaining friends mid morning, without a doubt the Lu would stay firmly in the cupboard, while the chocolate Hobs Nobs and Orange Clubs and the odd custard cream would be put on the best china and offered for the dunking thereof! And as for a evening indulgence ….. again, a definite no no ….. Fruit and Nut yes, Maltesers yes, Lu no!
Dairy Milk Ritz Dairy Milk 5
And then onto the Ritz Dairy Milk ….. Darrell and Hugh both agreed that this really was a novelty bar, something of a salty curiosity, tried once , and then, they were afraid,  most probably consigned to Poundland to be sold in bags of four in a few months time (a bit like the mini cornettos we reviewed last year).  However, in their defence, once you’d got over the initial salty sensation, holding a dry square betwixt your forefinger and thumb was a perfect anchor for dunking, followed by the licking and sucking the resultant melted chocolate!Again, Darrell and Hugh robustly debated (though never in a heated manner) as to where or when you would eat such a bar …..
Robust debate 7
………and in the end decided that they simply just wouldn’t! The saltiness was by no means unpleasant, the chocolate once again abundant, but unfortunately the whole combination was it was too complicated, and hard to get their heads round. 
So sadly, on our London scale of de riguer noms both the Lu and Ritz Dairy Milk just about topped the 3 out of 10 mark, and that was just for the chocolate and to be kind.


Mr.D said...

Chocolate and Ritz? Now that is crackers!
Mind you, Mexican mole (pronounced Mo-lay) can contain chocolate, salt, chilli, chicken broth, onions and garlic. It sounds strange but it is delicious.
Maybe Dianne has eaten it and perhaps so have Marc and Hugh in London.

marc said...

we have mr d and often do chilly nd choc and w love a chocolate pretzel and a new rice cake with choc on and even cheese and onion crisps with choc on a fav in ireland but these were nothing of a nothing which was a bit sad as the choc was lovely and thick but some how the mix made the choc taste like a cheap bar of choc not one of cadburys best i am afraid but that my taste but go a head and try if any one would like to big Air Kiss Love Hugh And big love marc

Anonymous said...

No, Mr.D, have not tried that.....but Mexican food is always especially appreciated for it's flavour mixtures.....Good to know about Cadbury's experiment in flavours and textures! Many times the tried and true trump new experiments! Can't beat settling down with old favourites (kindred spirit friends or confectionary treats!) ......Dianne