Saturday, 8 March 2014

Darrell ….. London Lounge Lizard …..

While Darrell is away partaking in the pleasure of London …… 
Darrell London LoungingLondon Lounging. hammersmith Ram
........ he is determined not to miss a single opportunity to London Lounge ……
Afternoon Pint hammersmith RamDarrell having a pint in the Hammersmith Ram
….. or to partake in every day London life as opposed to just being seen as a tourist!
Hammersmith Ram..
Hammersmith Ram
So yesterday, while Hugh was out researching new locations for Emmerdale, and advising “Strictly” on sourcing sequins for the next series, Darrell took himself off to Hammersmith to chill in The Hammersmith Ram, which Hugh had recommended for it’s romantic open fires and casual ambiance.
Hammersmith Ram. darrell…….. and while he was enjoying a small Vimto on the rocks, embracing his surroundings and contemplating the possible purchase of a packet of smoky bacon crisps,  he was approached by one of the staff, asking if he would like to contribute a sentence or two to The Rams customer story book! Well this put Darrell in an absolute state of flux, as he was obviously looking very local and could even possibly pass for a real life Londoner, his London lounging honed to perfection!
Hammersmith Ram Story Book.Naturally, Darrell said “Mais qui” in his best Cockney accent …. and pondered seriously about what to add to the “story” so far ….. as it had been written in a very random, and seemingly unconnected way  ……
Hammersmith Ram story book….. before simply putting “When a man (or monkey) is tired of London, he is tired of life” ……..  to add to the aforesaid randomness …. but also expressing his true feelings…….
Hammersmith Ram. Quiet Pint…… and then glowed with the idea that he had just become part of the Rams legacy! What is he like????


Anonymous said...

Can there be any doubt Darrell is a Londoner to the very core of his London Lounging self? His innate London nature cannot be denied! Even Londoners recognized he was not a tourist type visitor...... Chateau Greysquirrel (and Wolverhampton) will always be part of his heart and soul; his roots, so to speak, but the London part of his being cannot be denied......enjoy those London moments!.....Dianne

marc said...

omy darling you are a real local they only ask locals write in the story book as great writers have written in it i am sure Shakespeare wrote in it he worked behind the bar in the summer and was from Aussie frank was his first name big show biz wave and writers envy Hugh

Mr.D said...

Oops, my comment hasn't appeared.
Darrell is part of The Ram's legacy and he is a legend in his own right.