Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Darrell, Homeward Bound

There were the inevitable tears over breakfast as Darrell said farewell to Hugh before he (Hugh) was whisked away in his limo to “sort out”  the new nursery for the baby son of a very high profile client.
sad to goBut, in his heart Darrell, despite all the romance of London and London Lounging, had to admit that he had started to pine for the familiar comforts of Castle Greysquirrel and the company of Nigel and my good self.
Euston..“Enough,  is as good as a feast” he said to himself philosophically, as he lovingly stroked his necklace,  and he watched for the train to Wolverhampton to start boarding, “…. and anyway, …. Hugh is only but a Skype away …….” Back to W-ton“It will be good to be back home ……. and live an ordinary life again!” What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Another wonderful trip to London for Darrell and mum to see Hugh and Marc.

Anonymous said...

The yearning for home can pop up even during the happiest of visits......London is not so very far from Castle Greysquirrel with many more visits to come with good friend Hugh.....Darrell's homecoming is bound to be celebrated by his beloved family!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Until those streets of London beckon once more it's back a home that runs on Marmite, love, laughter, family and Tesco Express. JantheFan x