Sunday, 23 March 2014

Our No Make Up Selfies!!

A lot of the ladies we know have been posting selfies of themselves not wearing make up in support of the "No Make Up Selfie for Cancer Awareness" campaign … and Darrell, with his finger always on the pulse of the latest trend suggested that we really ought do our bit and partake too …… and bare all so’s to speak
nomakeupselfie.darrell….. leading by example and going first …… and looking very cute au naturel, if I may say!
Picture1Not that we really had any make up to remove ….. however we did give our faces a most robust and thorough scrub and Darrell delayed his normal application of moisturiser, eye cream, primer and lip balm for the duration of his pose ……!!!
Monkeys nomakeupselfieMy ‪#‎nomakeupselfie‬ (text BEAT to 70099, donate £3 and help kick cancer's butt)


Mr.D said...

Looking good!
Better than the Oscars one.

Anonymous said...

Handsome charmer, handsome dear, and handsome gentleman......your natural good looks make you the best looking selfies around....others can only hope for such great pictures!.....Dianne