Monday, 31 March 2014

A Big But Daunting Day For Nigel …..

Yesterday, Nigel and I were given the information pack to accompany for our impending trip to Iceland ….. it all suddenly sounded very important and intellectual to say that we had been selected to take part in a Cold Environments and Tectonics Field Study!!!!!
… however, I think the reality of it all became a little temporarily daunting for Nigel ………. who really hadn’t given it much thought beyond seeing a real life volcano…….. and a penguin or two ????????
……There was an AWFUL lot to take in …..
……… including safety and conduct codes to sign ……
…… and a very long and comprehensive kit list …. which included the need for a very ample sufficiency of thermal layers to accommodate the diverse range of climatic eventualities we might encounter …….
…… from snow and ice, to venturing underneath waterfalls, swimming in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon and a last night out at a hamburger bar!!!!!

Nigel took great note of the aforementioned list AND the baggage allowance and then became most anxious that we got home as quickly as possible, Banga bus allowing, so that he could start his packing ……..


Mr.D said...

I hope Nigel does not get used as a guinea pig in the Cold Environments study.
I'm sorry to say, you won't find penguins in Iceland, unless you go to the zoo. They are found way down south, even further than London.
I saw them on Robben Island, off Cape Town where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, A veritable volume of instructions!..Thermal layers are most important words here no doubt....yikes, hope there won't be much required of Nigel in any sort of cold research, brrrrr!.....but the Blue Lagoon and hamburger bar will be something to look forward to.....will Bagpuss fit in Nigel's luggage or possibly be a carry-on? ......Dianne

marc said...

i hope he takes lots of photos and that bagpuss can go he is magical and its something warm to snuggle up to big love marc