Saturday, 22 March 2014

No Nom Nom

With the warmer weather now looking as if it is looming, Darrell has started to consider the idea of bulking up and working on a little upper body definition for the t-shirt season …….
And as such, has asked the advice from his old mate Shazam, who has a very well defined physique which Darrell has oft admired in a natural man to man appreciation type nature.
However, Shazam’s recommendation of bulking up by drinking pure egg white wasn’t quite the answer Darrell had expected … and neither was the sample gift of said egg white Shazam kindly gave him to try.
It would have been rude to refuse it, but Darrell’s eagerness for the body beautiful was not reflected in his eagerness to down a whole cartoon of egg white in one …..
Nigel and I gathered round the table to give Darrell some morale support in his quest for the body beautiful for the summer of 2014 …… however, the glass never got past his lips, or Nigel’s,  who is usually up for anything of a comestible type nature …..
…….. it was sadly a robust case of no nom nom!!!! But we are wondering if, rather than let it all go to waste, we could perhaps make meringues with it, as a more digestible way for Darrell to take in his extra protein, if not in such as rufty tufty fashion as Shazam!!!


Mr.D said...

It doesn't look very appetising. I think a meringue is the better option.

Reminds me of the old joke: Guy goes into a Bakers in Glasgow and says 'Excuse me, is that a cake or a meringue?'

Baker says 'No, you're right, it's a cake'

Anonymous said...

Ah, the price one has to pay for the summer body beautiful! look in the mirror with bulges in all the wrong places and we are looking for a miracle elixir.....meringue sounds good to me but you can make egg white omelets with a few added goodies......Dianne

marc said...

o my darling its been so big in LA for years if one cant bear to drink the snot like liquid one can use it as a face mask or make ones egg white and fresh micro herb omelettes
which are o so good for one Big face a glow show biz wave and air kiss love Hugh ps marc says you can always stiffen your petticoats with it lol or use as hair gel