Saturday, 30 April 2011

It Was Such A Perfect Day

Picture 157
We had another post lined up for today, but please forgive us if we linger a little longer amongst the remnants of  cake and confetti left over from yesterday ……. we’re still a little full in the awe and wonder department.

Darrell a little more so, as to further compound the emotions of the day Stacey Solomon was a guest on Paul O’Grady Live last night. 
Buoyed up by all the romance, when viewers were asked to send in questions for Paul’s guests, Darrell emailed to ask if Stacey would marry him, but said he couldn’t promise her a balcony or a fly over ….. but Paul never read it out …….. perhaps Darrell  will get an email in a day or to, when she’s had time to think about it.
Picture 168
We’re also expecting a couple of photographs from Hugh, our friend who lives in Notting Hill and who now no longer dreams of the celebrity showbiz life, because he is actually  living it, as soon as we get them we’ll post them here, but he was telling us that he had told the world press about our blog …….. which was very kind of him!
Picture 160
Anyway ….. onwards and upwards …… time to put away our crisp white shirts and bunting …… and get back to reality ……


Anj said...

the day after a wedding is always an anticlimax :(

Mr.D said...

The worlds' press. Maybe I will read all about it in Mexico City.

marc said...

it looks like you boys had a very fine time and you looked so smartbig love marc