Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Marmite Ban In Denmark

This post carries a Marmite Health Warning, but only if your are of a Danish persuasion!
Man To man Chat
Now that Darrell is back home I had some news to impart to him that involved sitting him down for a conversation of a man to man type nature.
I told him that he must never ever take it for granted that there is always a jar of Marmite in our kitchen cupboard, because it had now been banned and  was regarded as a hazardous substance in Denmark and that the good people of the said country could no longer consume or enjoy it, not even for adding extra flavour to their gravy or bolognaise sauce, let alone on their toast!
Marmite ban in denmark
At first Darrell was very concerned, thinking that it had been tampered with by some nefarious organization hell bent on bringing Denmark and then perhaps the rest of the world to an economic standstill, but I explained, gently,  that it was only the Danish Food Police, authorities wanting to protect its citizens from exceeding safe levels of nutrients in their diet and that it would have very little effect on us in the UK. At this Darrell breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.
Denmark ban marmite
However, I told him that should The Sun introduce £9.50 holidays to Denmark in the future, it was unlikely that we would take the opportunity to embrace the delights of Scandinavian caravan or chalet parks in a clime void of our savoury spread of choice!


Mr.D said...

Maybe the Danish government may suggest Bovril or Vegemite but I'm sure many would be up in arms with this.

marc said...

hi boys & Mr D i am glad your back safe and sound and look i can post again i have missed seeing mrDs comments my days have not been the same with out his daily words of wisdome big love marc

Mr.D said...

Welcome back Marc.
Thank you for your kind words.

Helena said...

OOOO Marmite on hot toast! YUM! Marmite on toast then a layer of cheese on top and toasted again???? OOOOOOO YUM!!!!